Welcome to the Werkopdrachtenportaal.nl website. We have set ourselves the goal of making the management, follow-up and planning of work orders and quotations for our customers as efficient as possible. Do you work by appointment and the quotation and work orders process is not going according to plan? We are happy to help you make this process transparent for you, your employees and (potential) customers.

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Your services can seamlessly integrate into quotations and work orders. After registration, multiple employees of your customers can log in to the portal, create and follow up work orders and view the work orders history. No time to follow up on quotations yourself? create a telesales account to outsource this. Place the quotation form on your own website for an accessible quotation request to receive the correct information to issue a professional quotation and automatically adjusted to the choices made. Have we aroused your interest? We are happy to provide a demo or test environment.

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